Community Education & Training

Community Education

Community education workshops on domestic and family violence are provided for government and non-government organisations, community groups and schools. Education workshops are interactive and informative they can be developed to meet the needs of each group. With this, we aim to increase community awareness about the prevalence of domestic and family violence.

Themes that can be covered:

  • What is domestic and family violence?
  • The cycle of violence
  • Barriers for women identifying and leaving abusive relationships
  • Effects of domestic and family violence
  • Respectfully responding to domestic and family violence
  • Myths about domestic and family violence


Specialised professional training is provided to workers in a range of different fields. The content, length of time and cost of our training packages can be tailored to suit the particular needs of your organisation or work group.

Some basic modules include:

  • Recognising domestic and family violence (D&FV)
  • Forms of abuse and the cycle of violence
  • Concepts of power and control and D&FV
  • Myths and realities of D&FV
  • Interactive exploration of values and beliefs relating to D&FV
  • Effects of abuse on women, children and young people
  • Conducting risk assessments and creating a safety plan
  • Working with women as victims of D&FV
  • Working with children and young people who have experienced D&FV

Additional modules include:

  • Self-care for workers
  • Supporting and working with staff that have experienced D&FV
  • Policy and procedure development for organisations for working with D&FV
  • Group supervision and facilitation for stakeholders developing responses to D&FV
  • Identifying the predominant aggressor and ensuring accountability is placed accordingly
  • The causes of violence in interpersonal relationships

Critical analysis of the socio-cultural factors contributing to D&FV:

  • Participating in creating social and systemic change
  • Assisting with D&FV protection order applications and court matters
  • Domestic violence legislation in QLD

DVAC charges affordable rates for the training that we offer. As the fees do not cover the costs to our service of providing such high quality training, further donations are very welcome and are tax-deductible.