Do you have a complaint?

Our Policy

DVAC is committed to open and accountable processes in our contact with all individuals using our services and in our relationship with other community organisations and stakeholders. DVAC clients and stakeholders have the right to provide feedback, raise a grievance or make a complaint about any aspect of the service they receive or our contact with them.  All complaints are dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially, and without retribution. Making a complaint does not exclude the complainant from receiving the services of the organisation, or (if another stakeholder) from ongoing contact and collegial relationships with the organisation.

The Procedure

We encourage you to use the Complaints Form (also available in our waiting rooms and counselling rooms), however an email or letter can also be accepted. You many also ask someone to lodge a written complaint on your behalf.

Please return the completed form via email or mail to:
DVAC Complaints
PO Box 964
Ipswich QLD 4305

We will respond quickly and work with you to resolve the matter promptly.


Be assured you will be supported throughout the process of response and investigation. You’ll be listened to with respect, protected from harassment or pressure and provided with continuing services.


We welcome all comments – complaints, suggestions and positive feedback. Download and email us the Feedback Form or fill in your details by clicking here: Feedback and Concerns.


You can also provide feedback to the funding body, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services:


Phone: 1800 080 464


Online form:

In writing: Complaints Unit
Department of Child Safety Youth and Women
Locked Bag 3405
Brisbane QLD 4001
Telephone: 1800 080 464