Men’s Behaviour Change Program

  • Do you make your partner feel uncomfortable or afraid?
  • Do you put your partner down, make fun of them, or make them feel worthless?
  • Do you check up on what your partner is doing or where your partner is going?
  • Do you try to stop your partner from seeing their friends or family?
  • Do you stop your partner from having any money or tell your partner what they can and can’t spend money on?
  • Do you check your partner’s phone to see who your partner contacts or is speaking to?
  • Does your partner fear you?
  • Do your children fear you?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then DVAC’s Men’s Behaviour Change Program is for you.

The program is a 27 week program based on the Duluth model and seeks to work with men to help them stop their use of violence and abuse in their intimate partner relationships.

The program prioritises women’s and children’s safety and has incorporated safety as the foundation of the program.

The program is designed to assist each man participating in the program to stop using violence and abuse in their relationships by providing opportunities to:

  • learn new skills to deal with difficult situations
  • understand their patterns of behaviours and triggers
  • keep their your family safe
  • enhance your communication style
  • create healthier relationships
  • become a safe role model for children

The program is currently only being offered in the Toowoomba site.
For more information please call DVAC Toowoomba office on: 07 4566 2635.

For service providers: download the Men’s Program referral form »