Mission, Philosophy and Goals

Mission Statement

Passionate leaders creating freedom from gender violence.


Philosophy Statement

The Domestic Violence Action Centre (DVAC) has a long history in providing high quality services to women, children and young people who have experienced domestic and family violence in the Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding regions. DVAC works from a feminist perspective. We have a gender analysis of domestic violence that understands that domestic and family violence is a result of systemic power imbalances and inequalities. We acknowledge the many barriers that exist for women and their families as they seek safety and support, and that women from diverse backgrounds can face particular and unique barriers. We are strong advocates for change on all levels. We actively stand against all forms of oppression (including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and multiple other forms of oppression) and believe in the right of justice, equality and fairness for all.

We regard women as the experts over their own life and we see our work as a partnership that is respectful, transparent and accountable. We work from a relationship based approach where we are committed to sharing information, validating choices and ensuring we provide a safe space that is non-judgemental and at all times supportive.

We aim to consistently apply the same set of values and principles to all levels of our work – with clients, with colleagues in our organisation, and in our valued relationships with other workers and organisations  within the service sector. We aim for a high level of integrity in all aspects of our work and we welcome feedback and input from all those involved with our service.

Through high quality service delivery combined with education, training, awareness raising and activism against violence in all its forms, our hope is to use our passion as leaders to create a world free from gender violence.



GOAL 1: Growth and Innovation in Service Delivery and Sector Relationships

1.1 To explore a range of different modalities for supporting women, children and young people to reduce isolation and provide ongoing support

1.2 To establish a community development / community education worker at the Toowoomba office

1.3 To explore options for developing a purpose build space / hub for service delivery

1.4 To establish a designated legal advisor at DVAC sites

1.5 To increase the capacity of the safety team and to develop specialisation in roles

1.6 To expand the sexual violence services offered to children and women

1.7 To develop a strategy to address barriers to access for marginalised women

1.8 To explore technology to enhance service delivery


GOAL 2: Leaders in Training, Activism, Development, Advocacy and Research

2.1 To develop a list of areas for activism

2.2 To develop strategies for staff engagement in activism

2.3 To develop strategies for the establishment of a training team

2.4 To explore ways of better disseminating knowledge for practice

2.4 To generate research for practice


GOAL 3: A Responsive and Innovative Service Informed by Feedback, Review and Women’s Voices

3.1 To develop a comprehensive evaluation strategy and action plan including:

  • An infrastructure review strategy and schedule
  • A process of regular stakeholder review
  • Processes for engagement / feedback with women and ways of integrating this process into existing work


GOAL 4: Consolidation of Infrastructure and Culture

4.1 To increase appropriate physical space in both sites (Ipswich and Toowoomba) to accommodate service growth and ensure positive relationships

4.2 To review and further develop organisational policies, procedures and protocols

4.3 To review existing practice guidelines

4.4 To review and further develop all HR processes

4.5 To explore the organisational structure to enhance functioning in:

  • The leadership team
  • The administration team
  • Opportunities for ongoing staff development across the organisation
  • The expansion of roles in the organisation, beyond what has been traditionally considered

4.6 To develop strategies to maintain the organisational culture in all service sites

4.7 To develop an IT strategy across the organisation


GOAL 5: Generation of Diverse Income Streams

5.1 Explore fee for service (profit for purpose) options

5.2 Develop a proposal to establish a training service

5.3 Explore options for corporate sponsorship

5.4 Explore options for the sale of the current database

5.5 Develop a fundraising strategy