Safety Upgrades

Safety Upgrades aims to help women and children, who have experienced domestic and family violence, stay safe at home and stay connected to support networks like schools and daycare.

Staying at home has not been an option for many women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence, usually meaning they are left with having to leave to escape the abuse. However, through the Safety Upgrades Program women and children may receive support to remain at home where it is safe to do so.

The Domestic and Family Violence Court can grant an Ouster Order whereby the person using violence can be:

  • Asked to leave the home
  • Prohibited from entering or attempting to enter the home
  • Approaching within a stated distance of the home.

Support and referral to appropriate agencies can further assist in keeping women free of domestic violence.

What can we do?

The Domestic Violence Practitioner will liaise with relevant agencies which may include courts, police, real-estate agents and housing agencies to help women and children stay safe in their home. To accomplish this we will:

  • Plan practical aspects of staying safe at home and make arrangements for security upgrades to be made to the woman’s home
  • Provide information, support and referral to appropriate services
  • Refer respondents to appropriate services

Priority for the Safety Upgrades is given to women who have been granted a Domestic Violence Order with ouster conditions, however, the Safety Upgrades Program may also accept:

  • Referrals of women if moving from their home would cause undue hardship
  • Referral to the program which can be self-directed or through a supporting agency with client consent.