Our vision, mission, values and philosophy


We reduce the prevalence and impact of gender based violence in our communities.


We provide services that support survivors on their journey for safety and healing from sexual, domestic and family abuse.

We are leaders of service excellence.

We advocate for lasting change and accountability.


Our values are the pillars of the Domestic Violence Action Centre and they guide our actions:

Community, Accountability, and Resilience.


  • We are connected in solidarity across difference
  • Every person is unique, and diversity makes us stronger
  • Our collective efforts are working to end gender-based violence
  • We unite for social justice and systemic change
  • We model relationships of trust and respect
  • We are inclusive


  • We do what we say we will do, and we expect the same of others
  • We lead action to create positive change
  • We communicate honestly and transparently
  • We are ambitious
  • We are responsible for our actions and choices
  • We expect accountability from others


  • We are unified and determined
  • Our setbacks are an opportunity to learn and grow and we do not give up
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We choose courage over comfort
  • We innovate and advocate

Who we are

At DVAC we work to increase safety for women, children/young people and individuals. We are passionate leaders preventing and responding to gender-based violence. We are a values-based, feminist organisation that is all about building community awareness and collaboration, and strong accountability for people who use violence. We support survivors and their children to live a life of their choice.

Located in greater Ipswich, Toowoomba, Darling and Southern Downs regions, we provide specialist domestic, family, and sexual violence services. We also provide education and training, and integrated service responses. Our team are highly skilled, and we have a strong organisational governance, board and membership base. We meet HSQF standards and have an ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement. We are a reputable service provider in our communities because we work with community to achieve goals, working together to improve safety for women, children/young people and individuals. Our aim is to prevent future gender-based violence.


DVAC has a long history of providing high quality services to women, children/young people and individuals who have experienced domestic, family, and sexual violence in the Ipswich, Toowoomba, and surrounding regions. DVAC works from a feminist perspective. We have a gender analysis of domestic, family, and sexual violence that understands that domestic, family, and sexual violence is a result of systemic power imbalances and inequalities. We acknowledge the many barriers that exist for women and their families as they seek safety and support, and that women from diverse backgrounds can face particular and unique barriers. We are strong advocates for change on all levels. We actively stand against all forms of oppression (including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and multiple other forms of oppression) and believe in the right of justice, equality, and fairness for all.

We regard women as the experts over their own life and we see our work as a partnership that is respectful, transparent, and accountable. We work from a relationship-based approach where we are committed to sharing information, validating choices, and ensuring we provide a safe space that is non-judgemental and always supportive.

We aim to consistently apply the same set of values and principles to all levels of our work – with clients, with colleagues in our organisation, and in our valued relationships with other workers and organisations within the service sector. We aim for a high level of integrity in all aspects of our work, and we welcome feedback and input from all those involved with our service.

Through high quality service delivery combined with education, training, awareness raising and activism against violence in all its forms, our hope is to use our passion as leaders to create a world free from gender-based violence.

Practice Principles

DVAC operates from a feminist value base. Feminism informs our understanding of the nature of gender-based violence in our communities. Feminism guides the way we work to address gender-based violence. We appreciate different feminist viewpoints and intersectionality, and we embrace working together across difference. The following feminist principles inform all aspects of service delivery:

  • Personal is political
  • Validating women’s experiences and expertise
  • Importance of process
  • Integration and reflection
  • Working in partnership with women, children, and external service providers
  • Acknowledging the diversity of women’s experiences, cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds
  • Respecting women’s choices
  • Focusing on strengths
  • Self determination
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Focusing on women’s and children’s safety

In an emergency call the Police on 000

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