Remembrance Day: Springfield 4 May

Domestic and Family Violence Remembrance & Candle Lighting Ceremony Greater Springfield and surrounds Please join us for this annual community event to raise awareness and to remember those who have lost their lives through domestic and family violence. Candles will be distributed at the event. Proudly supported by: Domestic Violence Action Centre (DVAC) Charis Mullen MP,Continue reading “Remembrance Day: Springfield 4 May”

The Swich Speaks Out 2023

The Swich Speaks Out Domestic & Family Violence Summit 2023 03–05 MAY 2023 Panels + Presentations + Workshops+ World Café + Action Planning The Ipswich community, government agencies and the service sector come together to share evidence-based practice and inspiration for responding to domestic and family violence in our community. Come to learn, develop yourContinue reading “The Swich Speaks Out 2023”

Remembrance Day: Toowoomba 3 May

Domestic and Family Violence Remembrance Day – Toowoomba March and Candle Lighting Ceremony Join DVAC as we host a Toowoomba community event to raise awareness and to bring an end to domestic and family violence. This is a local, inclusive, family-friendly community event to raise awareness to remember those who have been affected by domesticContinue reading “Remembrance Day: Toowoomba 3 May”

Practice Forum: 29 March

Practice Forum: Change the Story What to expect: Domestic Violence Action Centre proudly presents our first Practice Forum for the year with the primary prevention themed approach ‘Change the Story’ which is an evidence-based framework to guide a coordinated and effective national approach to preventing violence against women and children. This practice forum will unpackContinue reading “Practice Forum: 29 March”

WESNET panel discussion: 15 February

Why women’s specialist services are critical to ending violence against women: A panel discussion We invite you to attend this upcoming panel discussion on ‘Why women’s specialist services are critical to ending violence against women.’ DATE: Wednesday 15 February TIME: 1:30pm Brisbane time/2.30pm AEDT COST: Free REGISTER: Click here to register Featuring guest panelists includingContinue reading “WESNET panel discussion: 15 February”

Christmas 2022: “Thank you”

Christmas 2022 donations: “Thank you” These holidays, the Domestic Violence Action Centre asked the community to give a gift with meaning by making a donation to DVAC in lieu of Christmas gifts. Donations and sponsorship provide women escaping violence with necessities such as meals, clothing, tech, medicine and taxi vouchers, or a night of emergencyContinue reading “Christmas 2022: “Thank you””

Practice Forum November

Common Risk and Safety Framework – Using the Level 2 Risk Assessment and Safety Planning Tool What to expect: This Practice Forum will guide professionals in government and non-government support services to use the Level 2 Risk Assessment and Safety Planning Tool component of the Common Risk and Safety Framework (CRASF). The tools provide resourcesContinue reading “Practice Forum November”

In an emergency call the Police on 000

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You may also want to delete your browser history. This means that the history of the websites you have visited will not be able to be seen. For information on deleting your internet history click here.

If someone is monitoring your online activity using spyware or monitoring devices, they may still be able to see that you have visited this website.

To discuss your online safety, speak with your DVAC support worker or call DVConnect 1800 811 811 (24-hour telephone advice line) or 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) (24-hour telephone counselling line).

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